All my images are originally photographed in color. However, some images lend themselves to black and white and or I am unable to determine whether a particular image is best presented in color or black and white. This gallery is the repository of all such images which would normally be in the "For Arts Sake" gallery.
Man Streets of Delhi  10Natural Light In A Church Passage 1Wearing Hats 3#19 Water Street Hopedale  9A Close Look 3A Curvaceous Woman In A Linear Space  9A Greek Beauty 1A Limoncino Fiesta  2A Man Among His Pots Burma  9A Pilgrim Arrives At the Varanasi Ghats  4A Quiet Street In the Medina Fes Morocco  6Abhi the Hindu Temple Nepal 2016 2Above the Glacier  3Abstract Art Explained Carolina Museum Denmark  10Acacia Free Form 1 signedAcross the Lake Grand Teatons 8B signedAdirondak Lake Autumn Morning  21 signedAdobe In Disrepair Highlands of Peru  11African Queen 1