Neilsworldimages | Tanzania 2016

This gallery is a result of a safari to Tanzania during February of 2016. The principal areas visited on the safari were the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. The migration of huge numbers of Wildebeests and Zebras and calving of their young was in full effect during this time.
Collared Pratincole Tanzania 1 signedMasi With Lion Size Teeth  Tanzania 2Abdim's Stork Ngorongoro Tanzania  2. signedAbdim's Stork Tanzania 1signedAbdim's Stork Tanzania signedAcacia Free Form 1 signedAcacias At Dawn Serengenti Tanzania  3signedAfrican Jacana Ngorongoro Crater signedAfrican Snipe Serengeti 3African Thrush On Kopje Serengeti  3.signedAfrican White-backed Vulture Flying Over Zebras Tanzania  2Amethyst Sunbird Tanzania 1Baboon Baby Jumping Over Water 1signedBaby Babbon Takes A Swim 1 signedBird of Prtey   1CBlack-backed Jackal Serengeti 2Black-bellied Bustard  2 signedBlack-bellied Bustard  In the High Grass 2 signedBlack-bellied Bustard Crossing the Road Tanzania 1signedBlack-headed Heron  2 signed