Neilsworldimages | Neil"s Personal Favorites 2016

As of 2016 there are approximately 6,000 images on this site. Few visitors will have the time or inclination to open all the galleries and view all the images. More likely an individual might have a interest in wildlife and perhaps explore "Birds of the World" or "Animal World" and forsake "Black & White Art" and other galleries not associated with wildlife. I have therefore decided to create this gallery of my favorites from all the galleries and limit the number of images to about 150 in order that viewer will ample opportunity to be acquainted with all of the galleries and my personal preferences. Limiting myself to 150 images has been daunting task and obviously many more of my favorites do not appear here I intend to update this gallery from time to time.
Boatyard Workers Essaouira Morocco 3jpgDefassa Waterbuck female and immature male #9 Signed printed 20A Yogi Greeting Varanasi  7 signedAcacias At Dawn Serengenti Tanzania  3signedAfternoon Reflections Bruges #1B signedAltered Mask La Paz  2Amazon Village Girl  3American Flamingo #66BCAntrwep Cityscape, an interpertation signedArch and Shadows Jerusalem signedArtist and Subject India #3A as printedArtist In A Window Burma 1At the Peak of Cape Horn Chile On A Stormy Day  3Attendant At the Taj Mahal Agra 1Balcony Scene Lima Peru 5Barge and Bridge Rhone RiverBeach Walkers OregonBeertender French Market#1Behind the Ball In Burgos Spain  2Black Reflects Blue Svalbard  2