Neilsworldimages | Baja 2015

The images in this gallery were made during a trip to Baja California in late December of 2015. The Baja is an 800 mile long peninsular running from the southern border of the State of California to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The Baja is boarded by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the the Sea of Cortes (Gulf of California) on the east. The area is pollution free which results in clear skies with remarkable cloud formations. Except for brief visits to Cabo San Lucas and La Paz most of the travel was by small ship which visited various islands and beaches in and along the Sea of Cortes.
A Sky On Fire BajaAlmost Sunset 1Altocumulus Formation Over Roca Splendide  2American Oyster-catcher 1American Oyster-catcher 2Bend In the Beach  2Blue and White Parakeet 1Blue Lagoon BajaBlue-footed Boobie On the Rocks  3Cabo San Lucas Marina 2Cactus On A Hill Early Light 1Cactus On Hilltop BajaCalifornia Gull 1st winter 1Clark's Grebe 5AClark's Grebe BajaCreeping Devil Cactus BajaDark Twilight Baja  3Deep In Prayer Catholic Church La Paz  3Desert and Mountain Meet the Sea 1Desert Colors Baja