Neilsworldimages | Southeast Alaska 2017

The images in this gallery are the result of a three week small boat cruise of Southeast Alaska. The itinerary was Sitka to Juneau, Juneau to Wrangell and Ketchikan and back north to Juneau. Aside from the beautiful landscape there were fortuitous wildlife experiences including; bubble cooperative feeding Humpback whales, Bears, Sea otters singular and in huge rafts, wonderful Orca sighting and Birds.
Humpback Whale From Head to Fin Alaska  4Raft Of Sea Otters Alaska  2"Charity" Passing A Raft Of Sea Otters Alaska  3"Mist Cove" Negotiating A Narrow Passage Alaska  4 signedAlpenglow South East Alaska  2American Bald Eagle  #9American Bald Eagle  #9.  5.signedAmerican Bald Eagle  9American Bald Eagle On the Rocks Alaska 1American Dipper 2BAmerican Dipper Alaska  2American Dipper Alaska 6Barber Shop Quartet of Sea Lions Alaskka  3Birds and Sea Lions Rest On Channel Marker Alaska  2Black Bear Alaska 1Black Bear and Cub On the Beach  2Blue Hour Southeast Alaska  4. signedBlue Mountains After Sunset  3.signedBoat At Glacier Face Waiting For Something To HappenBoulder In the Waterfall Alaska 1 framed