Neilsworldimages | Paintings

Some images, particularly landscapes, tend to achieve a more pleasing result when presented as "Paintings", using advanced software techniques. The software provides infinite combinations of brush sizes, brush strokes, styles and numerous other options. The "painting technique" and final results are therefore very personal in nature and reflect my preferences, as if I were committing an image to an easel with oils or watercolor rather than capturing it on film or a digital card. Various schools of art are illustrated in these images, including Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and Twentieth Century "Modern". The resulting "paintings" are very effective as large prints, especially if printed on canvas or metal.
Bridge Over Hanoi Lake Vietnam  1Brora Fishing Fleet  Early Evening Scotland painted signedHelicopter  11 signedHouse and Gardens Geilston 2 paintedRiver Boat Underway Burma painted signedA Peek Into Corniglia ItalyA Village In Dordogne France painted 1A Woman and Her Goat  Indian VillageA Woman Of Varanasi 1 painted 2 signedAbandoned  Barn Buildings France  2Acacias At Dawn Serengenti Tanzania  painted signedAcross the Lake Grand Tetons painted 2Across the Port Reflections Honfleur #2  painted signedAcross the Seine from the D'Orsay painted 1Across the Yamuna River From the Taj Mahal Morning Mist  6 signedAction At the Cai Rang Floating Market Megong Delta  3  102Active Volcanoe Costa Rica painted 6 signedActivities At the Ghats Kathmandu  painted signedAdjacent to  the Taj Mahal Agra India painted signedAeroskobing Street Aero Island Denmark  painted signed