Neilsworldimages | Patagonia 2015

This gallery contains the images made on a cruise entitled "Rounding the Cape:Chilean Patagonia and Argentina's Staten Island" aboard the National Geographic Explorer from October 21-November,9, 2015. Ports of call and places visited include: Santiago, Puerto Montt, Castro (Chiloe Island),the Chilean Fjords, Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine National Park, Tierra del Fuego, Beagle Channel, Yendegaia, Cape Horn, Staten Island (Isla de Los Estados) Ushuaia, and Buenos Aires.
Photography was very difficult on this voyage. Rain, fog, rough seas, constantly changing weather and at times winds in excess of 90 knots were encountered.
A Faux Viking In Patagonia 2ABS On A Break  3Along the Beagle Channel  3Along the White Narrows Tierra del Fuego Chile  4Andean Condor  3Andean Condor  4Andean Condor 1Antarctic Petrel Tierra del Fuego 1Art Video, a fantasy 1At the Top of Cape Horn Chile  3Awesome Cloud Over Point 1Baby Sea Lion Staten Island Argentina 2Black-brow Albatross In Flight 1Black-capped Night Heron Chile 3Black-faced Ibis Torres del Paine Chile  3Blackish Oyster Catchers 2Blue-eyed Cormorant   2A 2Blue-eyed Cormorant  3Blue-eyed Cormorant  Overhead  2Blue-eyed Cormorant  Swimming 1