Neilsworldimages | Arctic Voyage 2017

This voyage started in Iceland then sailed to East Greenland, traversed Prins Christianssund, then proceeded along the coast of Western Greenland, and terminated in Iqaluit, Canada. The most exciting wildlife encountered during the voyage was the Fin Whale. This species of whale is the second largest mammal, second only to the Blue Whale, and can reach 75 feet in length and weigh up to 150,000 pounds and swim at 25 miles per hour and is known as the "Greyhound" of the seas. The weather during this voyage ran the gamut from clear and sunny days to deep overcast with heavy mist. As such the light conditions presented many difficult problems for the photographer with rewards as well.
A Clear Day In Greenland  2 signedAbove the Glacier  2Along the Passage  3Appearing Out Of the Mist 1At the Playground Greenland 1Bergy Bit Floating Infront of Glacier Wall  3Bird On the Water Greenland  2Blue Monday 1Boulder Colors 1Boulders Arranged By Glacier Greenland 1Cathedral Peak Southern Greenland   4Character 1Coastal Mist Greenland 1Cruise Ship Dwafted  By Icebergs  2Cruising the Ice Formations East Greenland  4Dazzeling Ice East Greenland   6Derilict Boat Greenland Fishing Village  2Designed By Nature  2East Greenland Village  2Enjoying Quiet Contemplation  3